The memoir He Came in With It by Miriam Feldman will be released in June 2020 Turner Publishing Company



In an idyllic Los Angeles neighborhood, where generations of families enjoy deep roots in old homes, the O’Rourke family fits right in. Miriam and Craig are both artists and their four children carry on the legacy. When their teenage son, Nick, is diagnosed with schizophrenia, a tumultuous decade ensues in which the family careens permanently off the conventional course. Like the ten Biblical plagues, they are hit by one catastrophe after another, violence, evictions, arrests, a suicide attempt, a near-drowning…even cancer and a brain tumor…play against the backdrop of a wild teenage bacchanal of artmaking and drugs. With no time for hand-wringing, Miriam advances, convinced she can fix everything, while a devastated Craig retreats to their property in rural Washington State as home becomes a battlefield. It is while cleaning out a closet, that Miriam discovers a cache of drawings and journals written by Nick throughout his spiral into schizophrenia. She begins a solitary forensic journey into the lonely labyrinth of his mind.

This is the story of how mental illness unspools an entire family. As Miriam fights to reclaim her son from the ruthless, invisible enemy, we are given an unflinching view into a world few could imagine. It exposes the shocking shortfalls of our mental health system, the destructive impact of stigma, shame and isolation, and, finally, the falsity of the notion of a perfect family. Throughout the book, it is the family’s ability to find humor in the absurdities of this life that saves them. It is a parable that illustrates the true definition of a good life, allowing for the blemishes and mistakes that are part of the universal human condition. He Came In With It is the legacy of, and for, her son Nick.


Advance Praise

“Miriam Feldman is the one you want as your mentor, your guide. Not only does she have the sharp eye of the artist, she is also in possession of a remarkable sense of humor which has served her in good stead through the challenges of living with her son’s disability…I hope you will give this remarkable book your consideration.”

- Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander and Paint it Black

“Read it straight through until 1am! I don’t even know where to begin - it’s amazing that you got through all that. It is so compelling!!!! I couldn’t stop reading! And along your incredible story, the lack of a cohesive mental health care system is glaring.”


“I read your manuscript—it gripped me so much I stayed up very late to finish it. Congratulations on having written such a compelling, moving story. Your voice comes through loud and clear—your anguish, your humor, your passionate love for Nick, your girls, your husband, and your awesome friends. God, what a row you've hoed, woman. I look forward to expressing my admiration for you in person. It was an honor to read it. I salute you!”

- jenny Allen, author of Would Everyone Please Stop, writer for New Yorker, N.Y. Times

“It is absolutely brilliant and full of humanity and (thankfully) hope. Reading it has made me love you and your family so much and agonize with you through these Job-like trials you have suffered. And Nick! What a brilliant and fascinating and deeply tortured human being he is. My heart aches for him and the pain he endures daily.”


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